AITI – Association of Ticino’s industries

AITI, Association of Ticino’s industries, is a private and independent organization headquartered in Lugano and established in 1962 to promote and support industries in the Ticino canton. With over 200 associates, companies operating in every industrial field, business services and category associations, AITI groups together almost the totality of enterprises with more than 100 employees, that provide jobs for more than 19’000 people, for a turnover higher than 16.5 billion Swiss francs.

Rightly AITI is considered the point of reference of the cantonal industrial sector.
AITI is increasingly oriented to satisfy concrete needs of associated enterprises, to promote interests of industrial companies and of cantonal economy, and at the same time to create a widespread entrepreneurial spirit and an exchange of knowledge and experiences between entrepreneurs.

AITI’s activity is also aimed to represent proposals of the industrial system – in its economical and productive evolution – towards political and administrative institutions, trade unions, and all other forces and social parties, as well as information organs.
The Ticino industry has operated in the last 20 years in a picture of deep changes. The reorganization of production and the introduction of technical progress helped to increase the level of competitiveness of AITI’s associates, the majority of which is active on the global market.

Thanks to its strategic position between two economically strong areas like Zurich and Lombardy, the Ticino canton offers an ideal environment for the development of entrepreneurial activity. At present the Ticino industry is the first creator of wealth in the canton, as a mark of the innovation ability and dynamic of this sector. Competitiveness, internationalization, enlargement and qualification of the production base, facilitation and support to investment processes, promotion of technological innovation, these are the priority needs and requests from the world of enterprises that AITI inters to continue promoting.

AITI cooperates independently with other cantonal economical associations and it is member nationally of both the Swiss Entrepreneurs Union and Economiesuisse, the Federation of Swiss Enterprises.